From Frustration to Innovation

Bonjour! I’m Amélie, I’m French native, Former French teacher, GCSE and iGCSE assessor, experienced tutor and creator of the PASS method.

Like most origin stories, started out of frustration. Teaching crowded classrooms a few hours a week, my students and I were going nowhere. I could see that with more 1 on 1 time with each of them, I could bring them where they wanted to be – but I was denied by the system.

I then started one-on-one online tutoring and after just the first hour – I understood it’s what I was made for all along, I was making a real difference for the first time. With my experience as (i)GCSE teacher and assessor, I created a tailored method honed over thousands of hours to guide my students effectively.

The Birth of

The overwhelming demand for my specialised method coupled with the brilliant results of my students led me to create I dug up native trusted tutors, experienced in (i)GCSE who had arrived at the same conclusions. I trained them on my approach and together we launched this agency.

Recognizing the anxiety students face in the listening and speaking exam, we exclusively recruit native French tutors. Their authenticity ensures students acclimate to the pace and nuances of spoken French, a vital skill for exam success, offering students an unrivalled academic advantage.

Our mission? Ensure that our students get the best grade possible! We are the only agency specialising in French GCSE and iGCSE exam preparation, leveraging the PASS method to provide personalised tutoring tailored to each student’s unique needs.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Expert Native Tutors: We recruit exclusively native French tutors to reduce your exam anxiety and ensure you master the nuances of spoken French. Our tutors also possess deep knowledge of the French GCSE and iGCSE curriculum and exam board, and their engaging personalities make learning fun!

  • Personalised Matching: Through a free consultation, I assess your needs and learning style to match you with the perfect tutor. With their guidance, you’ll get the best grade possible.

  • Human-Sized Business: At, we pride ourselves on our personal touch. No faceless corporations or robotic responses—just direct access to me and your tutor, with prompt, personalized support.

Making a Difference

Since our inception in 2021, has maintained an impeccable track record, assisting over 300 students in acing their GCSE exams. With our team of nine exceptional tutors, meticulously selected for their expertise and passion, we’re committed to making your ticket to success.

À bientôt!

Meet Our Tutors

We’re so proud to call these people a part of our French-GCSE team. Our rigid selection process ensures quality tutors who truly care for their students. Our tutors are subject to availability, so get in quick!