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Watch your child’s GCSE and iGCSE mark rise by +2.5 (our 340 students’ average) with the guidance of curriculum experts and exam assessors during 1-on-1 online tutoring sessions. 

The creative and engaging lessons given by our exam assessors turned tutors will give you the ultimate academic edge. 

Our students end up in top Universities

Are you dreaming of Oxford, Imperial College, or Cambridge? Our elite private French tutors have a proven track record. We’re offering exclusive insider knowledge to boost grades by up to +2.5.

A service unlike any other

Our tutors are all native French speakers, ensuring instruction of the correct pronunciation, and prepare them seamlessly for the listening exam.

Only 5% applicants pass our rigorous screening, guaranteeing top-tier tutors with extensive GCSE knowledge

Improve Your Grades and confidence

Our tutors, who are curriculum experts or exam assessors, will give you actionable tips.

Revisit, Revise, and Refresh past lessons

Through our unique recording service, students can revisit their lessons and parents can track progress.

Whenever Your Want

Reschedule or cancel classes with no added cost

Get Loads of Ressouces

Recording of lessons, recaps, homework, videos, audios based on your strengths and weaknesses

French GCSE tutoring

Head of Tutoring's note

From the bottom of my class to now having the best mark every time

deniz akpanar
deniz akpanar
helped me get from the bottom of my class to now having the best mark every time
Isobel Gaughan
Isobel Gaughan
I have been learning french with French-GCSE for over a year now, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. I barely knew any french when I started and just a year and a half later I am working and going to school among french natives. All of my success in France so far is thanks to my weekly lessons with them.
Josie Cox
Josie Cox
We would highly recommend Amelie for French GCSE tutorials. Our daughter has improved so much and has started to enjoy French, which she really didn't before. She was quite behind and didn't want to have tutoring, but Amelie has made it fun as well as educational. Amelie is really approachable, gives feedback after every session and homework and vocab to learn for the next session.
Rafael Gago de la Mata
Rafael Gago de la Mata
French-GCSE has been helping my daughter catch up with her French GCSE course, after having missed a lot of classes during lockdowns. Caroline has a very clear understanding of the syllabus, focuses on my daughter's learning objectives, and provides lots of really useful info to review and work on between classes. We are already seeing a big improvement in her marks and her confidence with regard to French. Additionally, Caroline is always really friendly, flexible, and responsive when it comes to scheduling, and makes the lessons both fun and useful.
Saskia Hadiouche
Saskia Hadiouche
We just started, but so we liked how fast the communication with the agency was. We were assigned Lisa and the first couple of lessons went very well. So far so good.
Irenka McNaughton
Irenka McNaughton
Amelie is an amazingly hardworking tutor. I had to switch curriculums from American to British and Amelie has gotten me from an almost complete beginner level to knowing much of the GCSE course material ahead of school starting. She is very kind, helpful, and passionate about French. It has been such a good time working with her. I highly recommend her tutoring service.

Straight Forward Pricing

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£45/hour - £450 in total


Why choose French-GCSE over large platforms

Expert Selection

Only 5% applicants pass our rigorous screening, guaranteeing top-tier tutors with extensive GCSE knowledge

Comprehensive Feedback System

You will receive detailed feedback after every session, video recordings for review, and a comprehensive progress summary after every 10 lessons for constant improvement.

Price Stability

Unlike platforms, we guarantee fixed rates troughout the year, ensuring transparency and financial predictability.

A Proven Method

Our specialized approach has boosted GCSE marks by an average of +2.5 grades for over 340 students.

A proven method

You can never be too prepared or confident going into your big exam. That’s why covers every aspect of your test, with premium content that’s directly aligned to what’s on the exam, and personalized support you won’t find anywhere else.

See below the P.A.S.S method used to ensure increased mark 

French GCSE iGCSE Online tutor
French GCSE iGCSE private tutoring

What to Expect After your Free Consultation

Consultation with Head of Tutoring At your Convenience

Amelie, our Head of Tutoring, will assess your child's objectives, room for progression, availability, and tutoring preferences to establish a tailored tutoring strategy for you.

Matched with Your Perfect Tutor Within 24 hours

Utilizing your preferences and objectives, we'll swiftly match you with a tutor who aligns perfectly with your goals.

Start Your Tutoring Journey As soon as you want

Once matched, meet your tutor and embark on your tutoring journey. You're already on your way to acing that exam!


Wondering Something? We Can Help!

Rest assured, should your child be unable to attend a session, simply inform your tutor with a minimum of 24 hours notice. You can then proceed to reschedule your lessons, without any additional fees.

Yes, after every lesson, your child will receive helpful resources and homework assignments tailored to their learning needs. They will also receive a personal word bank with all the vocabulary seen in tutoring sessions. These materials will allow them to reinforce their understanding and make the most of each session.

Our tutoring sessions are highly interactive and engaging. Our tutors use a student-centered approach, ensuring that your child actively participates and learns in a dynamic environment that promotes understanding and retention.

If your child’s assigned tutor is unable to make a session, we have a solution in place. We provide a backup tutor to ensure seamless and uninterrupted learning, so your child’s progress is never compromised.

Currently, we exclusively offer online tutoring with State of the art technology. Please note that online tutoring outperforms in-person tutoring. (U.S. Department of Education in 2010)

Yes, we have students from all over the world and will be able to accommodate your schedule.

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